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Evan Hughes
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September 2011
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 I haven't posted much lately, because, well, I haven't had much shiny to post about. So, it's sorta ironic that my post today includes an announcement that I'm locking some of my previous posts. 

Anyway, I just launched a site dedicated to my dark faerie tales. Currently, it's very simple, and only has two stories. More will be forthcoming, especially in the theme of the Wonderland Bar (which makes its first appearance in Grey World). While this is a very good thing for me (and hopefully will generate revenue - if you visit, clickie on the ads to support your favorite neighborhood Evanmonster), it does mean that I need to lock any faerie tales I have posted to LJ. I may end up posting some rants on the site (or here and linking from the site), as well as some science fiction. Time will tell. Mostly, I aim to try to make it a periodical in the dark faerie tale theme. I'm even working on a new Wonderland Bar story right now. Well, not *right* now since I'm writing this post, but, you know what I mean.

Anyway, head on over to: www.deepeningwoods.net and check it out.

I'll be adding new features as I learn more html, including comment boards, actual illustrations (once I can afford an illustrator), a site banner (once I can afford to pay someone to make that, as well), and a donation button. I'd like to do link exchanges with other web authors and webcomics once I have a banner.

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