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Evan Hughes
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September 2011
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Evan Hughes [userpic]
Just when everything's starting to look up

Just when everything's starting to look up, and it seems I'm going to be able to get myself back on my feet, I find out I'm getting kicked out by March. While I'm very thankful that my housemate/hosts took me in for as long as they did, I don't see that I'm going to be able to afford to move out on my own by then. I only recently managed to obtain employment again, and even so will not be paid until February. That February paycheck will also be a short one, most likely amounting to no more than $1000. I *might* be able to afford a room in a house with that, but certainly not a studio or apartment. 

Now, I have to stay in Tracy because my students are here. I'm contractually bound to complete the scheduled tutoring sessions, and in fact there is a fiscal penalty for failing to do so ($27 per hour I fail to complete). This means living elsewhere is not feasible. Manteca or Lathrop might be doable, since they're not too terribly far for biking distance.

So my plan of action right now is to try to obtain a job as a barista, and to start cruising Craig's List looking for rooms to rent. I certainly can't afford to get my own place yet, but might barely be able to swing a room in someone's house by March.

Oh, and the laptop I'm using belongs to Melanie, my housemate/host. And I require a computer and internet access for my job. Both of my laptops died due to hard drive failures recently. So I guess part of my check will involve getting a new hard drive for one, and try to revive it.

Current Music: Skinny Puppy: Deep Down Trauma Hounds

There are a lot more cities that you can try other than Tracy. They are all located on HWY 99. Cheap rent.