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Evan Hughes
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September 2011
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Evan Hughes [userpic]
Things are looking up

 Well, the year of amazing crap is about to be over, thank goodness. 2010 was certainly one of the worst years of my life. Hard to top the year when my ex-wife left me (I also got hit by a car that year), but it certainly tried, what with being the first year of my adult life where I was unable to work a single day, threatened eviction, my kitty almost dying, and my funds going to the negatives.

And from all appearances next year is going to be a MUCH better year. I already have employment, and in fact have my first tutoring sessions on the first Monday of the year. All of my loans are currently under deferral, so I don't have to worry about them until I get paid, which will be in February (the company only pays tutors once a month). Of my 8 students, I've managed to schedule 6 of them and am still attempting to get in touch with the parents of the remaining two. One does not speak English, and the student is too young to arrange the schedule for her (the student is only in the first grade), and the other has not yet answered their phone.

My issues with the SSA seem to be resolved, and I got my new Social Security Card. Not much more to add to that under than: what a relief that is.

My kitties are all fully healthy, and you can't even tell Grey was as close to death as he was earlier in the year. He's gained all his weight back, and is actually sitting in my lap at this very moment, purring his little heart out. He is a very happy kitty. 

I'm looking forward to this coming year. Things are finally going to get better.

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